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Terms of Service

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Anyone placing an order must be aged 18 years or above. Our drivers are instructed to abort a delivery if they believe the customer is under the age of 18 years and if the customer fails to show an acceptable documentary proof of age (photo driving license, passport or proof of age scheme card which carries the PASS logo).

Our sales staff will only take orders from a fixed registered address and will never arrange to deliver to a customer in the street. We ask for full postcode so that we can check the address matches the postcode.

Our drivers are instructed and are given full authorization to abort a delivery if they believe the order is made from the street.

Our drivers are given full authorization to abort a delivery if they think a crime or anti-social behaviour is occurring or about to occur.

Our drivers are instructed not to enter any property (building, house, flats, etc...) for health and safety reasons. Customers have to meet the driver at the front or main entrance to receive their delivery.

Our sales staff will not accept an order from a customer who is already drunk or sounds drunk.

Our drivers are authorized not to make a delivery if customers are behaving in a threatening or abusive way.

If any incidents of crime or disorder occur, we will develop a list of banned customers, addresses or areas, which as a company we will no longer serve.

Cheques are not acceptable as a form of payment.

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